Installing coview

Adding coview to your web page or web application is simple and usually takes only a few minutes.

Don't miss this step

If you skip the snippet embedding, you will miss out on the most exciting features coview has to offer, so we highly recommend that you complete this before using our services.

Don't have an account?

No problem. See Overview on how to create a trial account for free.

Including the coview snippet for your first project

First login with your coview account into the coview office.

Direct link

If you want to take the short route, click here to go directly to the snippet settings page of your first coview project.

In the center of your office dashboard, the following quick-actions should appear, click on the Embed section:

Snippet configuration

Enter the URL of your web application or web page that you want to connect with coview into the URL form:

URL settings

Double-check that the configured URL points to your web application. We will use it to generate links in the chat widget and test if the snippet has been added successfully.

Copy the displayed snippet code

The snippet HTML code to connect your web application is unique for each coview project.
Simply click the copy icon on the right hand side or manually copy the form contents:

Embed the coview snippet in your web application

Embed the copied snippet code in the HTML <head></head> source section of your web application. After your changes, the coview <script></script> code should be visible in the source of your web page when visiting it with your favorite web browser.

If in doubt, let a friendly web developer help you with this step.

See Best Practices for advanced considerations.

Snippet configuration for multiple coview projects

If you want to manage additional web applications in your coview organization, see Snippet configuration.

Saving the configuration and testing the snippet integration

Click the UPDATE button below the snippet settings:

You should then see a Success - Project updated information message at the lower right edge of your screen that confirms that the new project URL has been saved.

That's it!

coview should now be served with your web application and the project is now linked with your web app URL. Use the test procedure below to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We will automatically re-test your web application from the snippet settings page to see if the snippet integration works.

If our automatic test finds a problem, you will be notified like this:

For further information, see Configuration tests.

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Installing coview

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