Email and team inbox

The team inbox is the central place for your team to receive and reply to all kinds of support messages (live chat, feedback, email) and collaborate on them.

After the coview snippet has been added to your web app your support team can receive live chat and feedback messages.

In order to receive and send emails you have to forward your support emails to coview.

Forwarding emails to coview

You can connect any email account to your coview team inbox.
To set up email forwarding to your team inbox go to "Settings >> Project page". On the bottom of the page you see your inbox address.

Now go to your email account settings page. Use your inbox address to set up auto-forwarding in your email account.

Sending messages

Wether you send messages to your customers from the coview team inbox or directly from your connected email account - the messages will look exactly the same and your customers will not notice any difference.

Live chat conversations will be displayed in the chat widget on your customer's screen. But if you reply to a customer who has gone offline in the meantime, an additional email is sent to him to make sure that he gets your reply.

Every conversation will be displayed and saved in the team inbox - nothing gets lost.

Updated 10 months ago

Email and team inbox

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