Identifiying your users

You can send some of your user data to coview in order to track them in the app.
You just need to call this

coview('start', {
    "user": {
        "id": "1234", /*required*/
        "name": "demo user",
        "email": ""

This is not necessary but will give you the advantage to identify your users when they start a conversation with you.

That way you can also start a conversation enabling your users to see it instantly right on their page.

Use a strong user_id

Don't use numbers or any other easy to guess user id since any user can get authenticated as that user.
Use UUID's or generate authorization keys for every user

Update user

Some websites may not be able to identify a user from the start. In that case you may simply update the user identity later

Opt-in data privacy

If you have selected the opt-in data privacy in your project settings only the user ID will be sent to coview until the customer has accepted the privacy policy.

Identifiying your users

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