Page settings

You can configure the following options for the webpage with Coview snippet attached to it:

coview("start", {
  projectKey<string>: "YOUR_PROJECT_KEY",
  user: {
    // id is required if you'd like to map your users
    id<string?>: "9009",
    name<string?>: "demo user",
    email<string?>: "[email protected]"
  privacyOptIn<boolean?>: true,
  bindConsole<boolean?>: true,
  chat: {
    showButton<string?>: true
PropertyDefault valueNote
projectKey-Part of the snippet. See "Quick start" guide
user-See "Identifying your users" page.
bindConsolefalseChange to true to include the browser logs in screenshots and recordings
showButtontrueSee "Chat widget" page.


We have changed the way Coview interacts with your console.

If you have set bindConsole to true, it will always automatically bind the browser console (applies to all visual communication features).

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