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You can add the following page settings:

coview('start', {
    "projectKey": "YOUR_PROJECT_KEY",
    "publicPage": false,
    "user": {
        "id": "1234", /*required if you want to map your users*/
        "name": "demo user",
        "email": ""
    "bindConsole": true,
    "privacyOptIn": true,
    "chat": {
        "showButton": true


The project key generated by coview. See Include coview in your web app.


Default: false.
See Public and Private Pages.


See Identifying your users.


Default: true.
Enable privacy opt-in to ensure that personal information will only be send to coview once the user's explicit consent is given. See also Opt-in settings.


Default: false.
Overwrites the console so coview can track all logs from the website and send them to the agent when the user creates a snapshot or a screencast.

We have changed the way coview interacts with your console.

By default, it is now disabled.
During screencasts or co-browsing sessions, it automatically binds to the console so that you get to see the logs. After that, it unbinds again.
If you have set bindConsole to true it will ALWAYS automatically bind the console (screenshots, screen recording or screen sharing).


You can set showButton to false if you don't want to show the chat or feedback button to all of your users.

More information

For further information, take a look at the Javascript API.

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Page settings

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