General things about coview

Welcome to coview

coview is a remote maintenance, support and recording tool for web pages. It allows you to instantly connect with your users and analyse their page.

Your customers can create and share screenshots or screen recordings of entire sessions that will always include the DOM, JS errors, logs, network activity, loaded files and an advanced page problem analysis.

Why should I use coview?

Get more than just screenshots

Pages sent with coview are perfect HTML clones of your customer's current view. They include all the logs, errors and system information.

Instant screen sharing

Connect in real time with your customer with no page redirection, software installation or other hurdles. Take control of his page and share the session with others.

No need to be a tech

coview will analyze every page and notify you of any problem. It will show you related issues when errors occur and you might never need to describe a bug to a developer anymore.

It will not slow down your page

The coview script is loaded asynchronously. Customers with no ongoing support session will have loaded less than 6kB.

Easy setup and no installation

All you need to do is add the snippet on your page. Your team and customers will then be able to use all features of coview.


General things about coview

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