Managing team members

Accessing the management panel

The "Team members" panel could be accessed either from dashboard's home screen or by clicking on your profile picture in the bottom left corner and selecting "Settings" from the context menu:


Profile settings menu.

Managing the team

Adding teammates

Please refer to the "Quick start" guide for detailed instructions on how to invite other people to join your project.

Removing teammates and changing their role

Team members with higher privileges (Maintainer and Owner roles) have the ability to delete profiles and change their role:


Available roles

Roles could only be toggled between Maintainer and Member types.

Owner role is non-transferable.


Context menu with management actions.


There're three roles within the organization:

Member Access to the core product functionality (conversations, search, etc.) without the ability to tweak anything.
Maintainer Same as Member, but with expanded permissions allowing them to configure projects and manage the team.
Owner Organization owner. The first person who created the account. Full project access without any restrictions.