Page Highlights

Highlighting areas in your web app


In order to provide your customers with problem solutions that are easy to understand we developed page highlights. Learn here how to use them when supporting customers.

You can create page highlights when you open a screenshot, screen recording or screen sharing session in a conversation by clicking the thumbnail.

Highlighting Tools

In the header you can now see the highlighting tools. Highlight any area on the page by clicking on the square or circle icon. Add a text comment if you wish.

Click "Attach" when your page highlight is ready. You will be redirected to the conversation and see the currently created page highlight as a thumbnail. You can add a text message and send it to your customer.

Canned responses

We are currently working on canned responses that can be saved and used for other customers.

Creating step by step guides

If a single page highlight would not be enough to provide your customer with a solution you can easily create a step by step guide.
After the first page highlight is finished just click on the arrow icon and start with the next step.

When you are done with the step by step guide, attach it just like a single page highlight. You will be redirected to the conversation.

Open your web app inside coview

You can also access your web app inside coview from every conversation. Just click "open website" and you will be forwarded to the site. There you can also create page highlights using the highlighting tools.

Be sure that the URL can be reached by the customer!

Think of, for example, project specific information such as project id's in an URL. If the customer can't open the page from where your are creating a highlight then he wont be able to open and read your instructions

Allow your pages to be embedded

If you want to open your website in coview, you need to allow coview to show your page inside an iframe. Otherwise it will simply open it in a different tab.

Make sure that your web app HTML Header does not contain one of the following headers:

  • Content-Security-Policy
  • X-Frame-Options

Or change them by explicitly allowing coview to embed it.

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors
X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM (edited)