Connecting Coview with Asana allows you to link entire conversations, screenshots and recordings to a new Asana task.


Screenshot page with Asana integration.

Created task will contain a link to the screenshot / recording, as well as a preview image:


Asana task with linked screenshot from Coview.

On Coview's end, all linked Asana tasks will be displayed next to the screenshot / recording:


Screenshot page with a link to a task in Asana.


To connect with Asana, go to "Manage integrations" panel within your project's settings and select Asana from the list of available integrations:


Choosing Asana from the list of available integrations.

Clicking on Start button will kick off the integration process. You will have to log into your Asana account to proceed:


Asana login prompt.

Project selection

Once activation is completed, you need to select an Asana project you wish to associate with the chosen Coview project:


Asana project selection in Coview's dashboard.