Opt-in settings (GDPR)

In order to fully comply with the European GDPR policy, coview also contains a opt-in setting in your projects.

Behavior changes with active opt-in policy

  • If a customer wants to start a conversation / create a screencast, he first has to agree to the GDPR policy
  • No cookies are stored as long as the customer doesn't agree to the data privacy policy
  • If you provide customer information (see identifying your users), only the id will be sent to coview to receive information if the customer already had a conversation with another browser.

Project-specific settings

The GDPR opt-in setting can be changed on a project-level.

Default settings

The GDPR opt-in is disabled by default when you create a new project. Take care to evaluate whether you should enable it. If you are located in the EU, we recommend that you enable it.

You can configure this setting at any time by going to your project settings:

Then navigate to the general settings:

You find the settings under GDPR opt-in procedure:

Updated 7 months ago

Opt-in settings (GDPR)

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