How to run intercom with coview

Watch our video explaining the integration and coview features:

Connecting coview and intercom

You need to install coview from the Intercom app store.

If you already have a coview account, you can connect it to your intercom account while installing.

Add the coview snippet

Before you can start using coview, you need to add the snippet to your website.

Coview demo mode

As long as coview didn't get any signal from the embedded script, it will always show up in the demo mode

Common pitfall: Accepting a request didn't work

If after accepting a screen request in the customer messenger nothing happens, then its probably because the current customer page has not integrated the coview snippet

Please make sure to embed the coview snippet to every page from where you want your customer to capture their screen.

Adding the messenger home app

Having coview run in your customer's messenger home is a great way to let your customers report their issues without having to contact a support agent first.

1. Go to the Messenger page
2. Click on "Add Messenger home apps"
3. Click on "Add an app"**

4. Choose coview from the list and click "Add to messenger home"

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