1. Create Consumer Application in JIRA

The following steps require administrator permissions in your JIRA.
In your JIRA, navigate to: Jira settings -> Products -> Application links
Enter the URL: and press the 'Create new link' button.

The 'Link applications' form will open.
Enter the following settings and leave the remaining fields blank:

Application Name: coview
Application Type: Generic Application
Create incoming link: checked

Press 'Continue'

Next you need to copy the settings from the JIRA integration page in coview and paste them into the form in JIRA:

Press Continue.
A message similar to "Application Link 'example' created successfully." will be displayed.

2. Connect to JIRA

Log into the JIRA account which should be used by coview.
Return to the JIRA integration settings in coview.
Enter the host URL of your JIRA:

Press 'test your JIRA connection'.
A popup will show up, you might need to explicitly allow it depending on your browser.
In the popup JIRA will ask you to grant coview permission to access the currently logged in JIRA account.
Press allow.
The popup will close again and you can proceed to the next step: 'choose project'.
Select the JIRA project you want to use with coview and press 'update'.

Last you need to enable the connection by toggling 'Enable JIRA export panel' to 'ON'.


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