Chat Widget

What your customers see

By default every new customer will - when trying to contact you - get to see your feedback form:

You can customize your widget by selecting a primary color and entering your default 'welcome' and 'thank you' texts (headline and text).
-If none of your agents is active, your customer will see the 'thank you' widget after sending feedback
-If at least one of your agents has set his flag on active your customers will immediately be prompted to the live chat.

Disable chat

If you do not wish to chat with your customers but still want to offer the feedback widget on your page, simply disable chat on your widget settings page (by removing the checkmark).
Note: only users having the owner role can change the setting

Having the chat disabled,

  • your customer will still be able to send feedbacks, screenshots and screen recordings.
  • when your customer's email is known, agents can send him messages from the office. Your customer will then receive an email notification.
    If agents send requests to this customer, he will see them directly.
  • when your customer's email is not known, sending messages from the office is not possible.
    -the reply tab is deactivated. When hovering over the reply tab following notification shows: 'Cannot send message to this user. The chat is disabled and the email address of this user is unknown'
    -the note tab is activated

Chat Widget

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